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Digest + Cleanse Essential Oil Supplement

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Digest + Cleanse Essential Oil Supplement - Young Living Essential Oils - tame your digestive ailments naturally

Do you ever suffer from occasional gastrointestinal discomfort?  There are so many things that interrupt with normal digestion such as stress, overeating and toxins to name a few. 

I recently started using Digest + Cleanse Essential Oil Supplement from Young Living Essential Oils for these occasions and have found to to be very helpful!  It is a great supplement to have on hand. 

What is Digest + Cleanse?

Digest + Cleanse is a dietary supplement with essential oils that supports healthy digestion and soothes gastrointestinal upset.  It contains peppermint, caraway, lemon, ginger, fennel and anise essential oil. 

We all know that good health begins with a healthy gut, which is why Oh Lardy recommends taking care of your digestion with fermented foods, probiotics, bone broth and eating a real food diet.  Digest + Cleanse is one more trick to add to your gut healing arsenal.

Digest + Cleanse will soothe occasional cramps, gas and nausea by soothing the bowel, preventing gas, stimulating the liver, gall bladder and stomach secretions thus aiding in digestion and absorption. *

Primary Benefits 

Peppermint and caraway oils have been clinically shown to soothe the bowel, improve elimination and ease digestive discomfort and nausea. *

Lemon oil is a traditional remedy that stimulates cleansing, reduces acidity and supports liver function. *

Ginger, fennel and anise oils are used to stimulate digestion, reduce nausea, gas and bloating and create an unfriendly environment for parasites.  

These oils are in a softgel capsule, which release in the intestines for optimal absorption and targeted relief. 

Who Should Use Digest + Cleanse? 

This supplement is ideal for those suffering from bowel discomfort and occasional, minor digestive upsets.  It can also be used with a cleansing program. 

Note: I will when my husband and I first started using these pills we noticed a significant ‘cleansing effect' (ie we were on the toilet quite a bit).  So, you may want to start slow to see how you tolerate the pills!  

Did You Know?

Peppermint oil is approved by The Complete German Commission E Monographs for ‘spastic discomfort of the upper gastrointestinal tract and bile ducts, irritable colon, catarrhs of the respiratory tract, inflammation of the oral mucosa.”  *

Lemon oil is rich in d-limonene which has been researched at Johns Hopkins for its ability to increase glutathione levels in the small intestine, colon and liver, the chief organs of digestion and elimination.  *

Ginger has been studied for its gastrointestinal enhancing properties and is often used to alleviate symptoms of nausea. *

Anise seeds contain significant amounts of a volatile oil that is thought to be the active element responsible for the herb’s ability to improve digestion. *

How to Use 

This is a super easy supplement to take.  Simply ingest 1 capsule daily with food, or as needed!

Keep out of reach of children.  If pregnant or if you have a medical condition, consult with a healthcare professional before use. 

Have you tried Digest + Cleanse yet?  You can purchase Digest + Cleanse for wholesale price by signing up as a wholesale member with Young Living Essential Oils

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Digest + Cleanse Essential Oil Supplement - Young Living Essential Oils - tame your digestive ailments naturally

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