Homemade Facial Toner Recipe

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Make your own nourishing homemade facial toner with simple, non-toxic ingredients!
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I have been having fun starting to detoxify my beauty cabinet.  It is still a slow process but I am consistently oil cleansing, using my facial serum, body lotion and now am using this amazing homemade facial toner.  

We actually created a cool PDF for you so that you can have fun detoxifying YOUR beauty cabinet!

This is so simple and easy to make!  You will love it!  And, you can feel free to use whatever essential oils for skin that you enjoy and have on hand!

I like to use this after washing my face and before I apply my serum.  I also like to keep in my purse as a makeup refresher as well!


Homemade Facial Toner with Essential Oils
  1. 4 ounces witch hazel
  2. 10 drops essential oils of your choice
  1. Add Essential Oils to 4 ounce glass spray bottle.
  2. Fill with Witch Hazel.
  3. Spray on face as needed.
  1. You can adjust the recipe to make a smaller or larger batch.
  2. I like to use 3 drops Patchouli, 3 drops Lavender, 3 drops Geranium and 1 drop Rose.
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4 ounce glass bottle for making DIY Toner

Pin It!Make your own nourishing homemade facial toner with simple, non-toxic ingredients!

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