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Essential Oil ACCESSORIES!!

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We all love our essential oils, right?  We have them organized in a drawer or on a shelf and we use them daily.  If you are new to essential oils, you may be thinking – I wish I could share my oils more easily, or, I want to use BOTH of these oils in a blend, but I need a jar!  Today, this post is all about essential oil accessories!!!  These accessories, or tools, will make your essential oil experience even more awesome! Check it out:


If you have all of your essential oils in a drawer, these labels will come in super handy!  I not only use them to identify my own oils, but I also put them on samples I share with friends so they know what they have!  




roller fitments

When I make a blend of oils, or simply stretch out an oil with a carrier oil, these roller fitments are awesome!  I can easily and quickly apply the oily immune boosting blend to our feet!   




amber bottles  I used to lend out my entire bottle of oil to family and friends who had a need.  These little amber bottles make it even easier to do so because now I don't have to give away my whole bottle and wonder if I will ever get it back!  I can put 10 or 20 drops in these, slap a label on, and share with a friend!  



carrying caseWhen I travel, I take my oils.  I used to put them all in zip lock bags.  Then I found an adorable carrying case for my oils.  I like this a lot more than my zip lock bags.  For obvious reasons.  





1797558_10203673775387564_1385503290934686302_nWearing a diffuser necklace is an easy way to enjoy your oils all day!  I got one for my daughter and I.  I plan on sending her to school with Thieves oil in her diffuser necklace to help support her healthy immune system!  You can also make your own clay diffuser necklace if you are into DIY stuff!





diffuserI use my diffuser every day!  I may start the day with lemon and peppermint to wake us up.  I like to diffuse ylang ylang and grapefruit for a lovely scent.  In the winter, I have thieves oil going all day long.  At night I diffuse relaxing oils like lavender and peace and calming in my children's rooms.  




reed diffuserUsing a reed diffuser is a great way to get a sustained use from your oils.  I have a reed diffuser with lavender in my closet, and one with purification in the laundry room where the cat food and cat box are located.  





jarsMost people make their own products using essential oils.  Using these jars for mixing and storing is really handy.  I use the 1 ounce jar to keep a batch of thieves salt for my hand sanitizer.  I have another jar with coconut oil and peppermint oil!





funnelsI love to reuse my Young Living essential oil bottles for blends of my own creation.  Using these tiny funnels makes it easy to fill these small jars with carrier oils and the essential oils themselves!  







Have you started your Young Living journey yet?  Why not!?

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