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The Personal Lubricant That Will Change Your Life!

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the personal lubricant that will change your life - ohlardy.com

Wait, is Oh Lardy talking about lube?  Yes.  Yes we are.  But what does lube have to do with real food and healthy living?  And will it really change your life?  If you have been a fan of Oh Lardy for any length of time, you probably know that we like to eat foods with real ingredients and use products that are healthy and natural.

We love helping people detox every aspect of their lives…and the bedroom is definitely one of those areas!  We have plenty of great recipes and tricks for you too in our Guide to Essential Oil Home and Beauty Recipes (including some fun body and massage lotions and oils)!

I can tell you right now that any personal lubricant you purchase at the drug store is far from natural.  In fact, while the lubricant may do an excellent job lubricating things, the side effects of the chemical ingredients can cause a host of other problems.  What kinds of problems?  It turns out, candida LOVES this stuff – and if candida loves it, you may find yourself with repeated yeast infections.  Bummer.  

So, if you want a personal lubricant, but don't want to buy the stuff at the store, what do you do?

Fortunately coconut oil makes an excellent personal lubricant.  However, if you use latex condoms, this lubricant is a NO-NO.  Coconut and latex do not make good friends and the integrity of the latex condom will be compromised.

So, why will this personal lubricant change your life?  First, you are using a product that you know what the ingredients are!

Have we convinced you to go all natural yet?  Does that seem overwhelming to you? Check out this awesome PDF that we created just for YOU!

Looking for more romance? Here is a great recipe for a romantic massage lotion using essential oils!

The Personal Lubricant That Will Change Your Life!

Ditch the store bought lube and go with this non-toxic version!



  • Place the coconut oil in a small jar! Easy peasy!


*This recipe has been altered to support the label guidelines regarding essential oils.


Homemade personal lubricant isn't a new fad.  Do you have a favorite?  Please share with us in the comments.


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the personal lubricant that will change your life - ohlardy.com



  1. I don’t use Young Living oils. Can you recommend a substitute or combination of oils that I could sub for the Sensation?

      1. Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, and Rosewood are for mood enhancing and just smell great! They don’t create a direct physical sensation like the pepper and peppermint. So if you don’t have it it’s not that big a deal. If you had to get one I would say peppermint, which makes a cold sensation.

  2. This is so funny that you’re posting this, because a couple months ago they accidently put Sensation in my ER order, it was suppose to be RC, oh well.. well I’ve been trying to figure out how to use this, guess this gives me an idea 🙂 Thanks

  3. How long will the homemade lube last in a glass container, and where is the best place to store it? Thanks – this is an awesome idea I have been wondering about!!!

    1. Coconut oil is pretty shelf stable and lasts a long time as long as it is stored in a dark and cool place. The same for essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils don’t expire as long as they are kept in a dark and cool place with their lids in place. The recipe listed makes a small batch, enough to last you a while. Personally, I will dump it after a year and make a fresh batch. Of course, if it smells weird or seems off putting in some way, I will definitely throw it out!

    1. Latex condoms can’t be used with any oil based lubricant. Perhaps find a non-latex condom. When I searched, I was unable to find a non-latex condom that was not lubricated. Please share with us if you do!

      1. Aloe gel and juice along with glycerin is condom friendly and adds a nice warming sensation. All of these are NOT oil based. I sell bath and body products and am now testing a glycerin and aloe lube which is also edible and safe for condoms. So far, so great

        1. Hi Venus! How would I get in touch with you? Would be interested in discussing some issues I am having that are in relation to this topic.

    1. Sure! Experiment with your EOs! Be sure to test for sensitivity first, since this will be used in a sensitive area. I store it in a tiny jar and have it in a drawer by my bed. It should last fairly long since coconut oil is very stable and essential oils don’t expire.

      1. “It should last fairly long…” Well, I suppose it all depends on how often you use it! 😉 Probably TMI, but I fill a 4 oz container w/ plain CO every couple months. I’ve been wanting to try something a little different – thanks for the recipe!

  4. Thanks for posting. I have always wondered if I could make something similar. I dont typically need a product like this, but it could be fun anyway 😉

    I do have a question for you since you are on the topic of down there: Hopefully you have info or links that could help me out. I have Bacterial Vaginosis. I have never had it before but knew friends who did and they said prescription antibiotics didn’t help. I am trying to go holistic with this. I have tried garlic and it seemed like it worked then it just came back. Do you have any advice on what I could do at home? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Fractionated coconut oil along with any coconut oil is an antibacterial oil. There are all types of safe carrier oils that are anti everything (bacterial, fungal, septic, etc)… You should research carrier oils and their properties and then find one or two essential oils that have the same properties (and also internally safe), after that make up a small test batch and try it for several days. You may need to do a ‘trial and error’ period, but its worth it of you get relief.

      I am a cosmetic chemist who makes and sells body products for several ailments. If you’d like more advice or even want to ask me to help you create something to alleviate your symptoms, please let me know. I can give you my info to get in touch.

  5. Jenna,
    Air out at night. Avoid tight clothing and thongs. I keep a bottle of vinegar spray in the shower to keep the mineral deposits down and if the scent is awry down there, I will oftensquirt the parts affected and rinse with clean water immediately. Cranberry juice. Sometimes it’s your man’s fluids, so condoms help until things clear up! Hope that helps!

  6. Embarrassing question…..since this is about.. umm intimate parts. I itch down there, but only when I pee! I have no infections, my dr checked. No odor or any discharge. He thinks it might be hormonal or an age thing, I am 46. He wants me to use some cream and I’d rather not as I’ve been moving towards a cleaner lifestyle. Any EO’s that might help with the itch? Or ideas that I might suggest to my dr? Any help would be appreciated. It’s really embarrassing to talk about this problem!

    1. Anytime I ever have any discomfort/itching, the first thing I grab is Young Living Melrose oil. It’s incredibly cooling and stops the itch in its tracks. I’ve had staph infections that caused horribly painful/itchy lesions, and Melrose was the only oil that ever brought me relief.

      1. Alexa, I had a recurring staph infection on my lady bits between labia & vaginal opening. I’d been treated for it once. I didn’t have insurance anymore when it came back. In desperation I gave tea tree oil a shot. Cleared it right up completely within a few days. Haven’t heard of Melrose but have been having terrible issue this summer with humidity causing yeast infections in every limb fold & menopause tummy fold. As long as it stays hot & humid nothing really works to fix it & it itches horribly anytime it begins drying even a little. Melrose might be my winner over itch creams that work 30 minutes tops!

    2. First off, do you shave that area? That right there can cause a heck of a lot of itching when it comes back. If not, even without discharge, it may be yeast related. There’s also the possibility of psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc which are VERY common places to have it. See a dermatologist before anyone else because itching is usually due to a reaction. You may be using scented laundry soap which will make that area so volatile to itching if you have contact dermatitis. Been there, done that. I now make and use my own homemade laundry soap and no more itchiness anywhere there.

    3. If you are itchy and the Dr can’t find anything wrong then you may be sensitive to the toilet paper you are using. Ask me how I know 🙂 Try a bunch of different ones and see if it helps. Also you could try using wipes and see if that helps also. Good luck!

  7. I’m curious about altering this for my own predilections…. I’m wondering if anyone has a partner that commented on the taste. I certainly don’t need any sensation added, so if I leave out the peppermint and pepper, is it basically just flowery coconut for the mouth? I’m certainly trying to keep everything natural down there, but want to make sure my partner doesn’t get a face full of potpourri. What do you think?

  8. If u use young liv8ng oils in ur recipe…esp lav and cocunut oil..it is safe to ingest…taste ur mixture..lav..usually doesnt taste very good..but if its mild and ur partner dont mind..go for it!

    Not all young living oils are recommended for injesting. So read the labels to be sure!

  9. Considering the CO is solid @ 75deg., do the other oils keep it a bit more fluid in colder climates?

  10. Coconut Oil is awesome, but the best natural lube I’ve found is from flax seeds. Simmering a tablespoon of flax seeds (whole) in a cup of water for about 20 mins, then straining out the seeds, creates a slippery “tea” that works very well. I also sometimes simmer a bit of ginger root to give it a “warming” sensation.

  11. I recently chose sensation massage oil instead of sensation oil. Could I substitute massage oil in your “recipe”? If so, how would that affect the ratios you listed? Thanks.

    1. To tell you the truth, I am unsure. I am not aware of the ingredients in the sensation massage oil. Always check for sensitivity on sensitive bits and pieces. I would imagine that you would omit the coconut oil and just add the black pepper and peppermint to the massage oil. But I would want to know what is in the massage oil other than sensation before using it in this recipe, especially considering its intended use. 🙂

  12. I’m curious to know if it’s ok that some of the ends up getting inside. It’s bound to happen in that area for this purpose. I had never thought of the store bought lubricants affecting hormones before. Makes total sense! I’m excited to add this to my collection. I’ve been using Ylang Ylang & Idaho Blue Spruce for libido.

    1. I have used it and it has “gotten inside.” I am not too concerned about this at all. Especially since the ingredients are much better than store bought varieties.

    2. How are you using the Ylang Ylang and Idaho Blue Spruce? I am in need of something and have been doing some searching and thought I’d ask.

      1. I use Ylang Ylang over my heart/chest. I’ve since added Lady Sclareol & apply around my belly button & I’ve noticed a change. I think I read somewhere that you can also apply to inner thighs. 🙂

  13. To those who were asking advice about Bv. I suffered with Bv for years. Always itchy and not wanting the super strong and awful antibiotics which are said to be the only cure. Finally I found a solution…. You need to rebalance your flora by inserting a probiotic. I use Provacare, which are specially made for inserting as opposed to oral. It’s amazing what probiotics can do and how important they are for our bodies.
    Also, I just started using coconut oil lube recently and I think that it helps huge with balancing my flora, not just with Candida but also bacteria that cause Bv.

  14. This may be a silly question…but would you say this lube is sperm-friendly? We are TTC and have been avoiding any lube whatsoever, but this being a natural option, I’d love to give it a try.

    1. You know, I am not sure. The quick google search I did said that sperm love coconut oil. However, I am unsure what they think of the various essential oils. Some further research on your part might ease your mind before using it since you are TTC.

    2. I got pregnant while using just coconut oil. It may have been both times but I can’t remember how long we have been using it. Can’t speak for the EO though.

  15. When I get a vaginal infection I use kefir (or you could use plain yogurt). I open a probiotic capsule and add it to the kefir. I then take an organic tampon, soak it in the kefir/probiotic until it starts to expand and insert. I usually leave it in for about 2 hours. It does take about a week to get rid of the infection especially if I don’t do this right away. If the infection is really bad and/or itchy, I’ll do this twice a day. BTW, I usually have enough for two applications so be sure you keep it in the fridge since probiotics must be refrigerated. It’s actually quite soothing to insert this mixture after it’s been in the fridge – an ahhhh moment.

  16. Oh, My. I’ve had a recurring Bacterial Vaginosis since June and have been to the doc twice. with 2 rounds of antibiotics. I abhor taking any form of meds so you can understand how bad it must have been for me to ‘get help’. Now I know what has caused it. Before anyone suggests it might be diabetes, it isn’t. Nor my partner transmitting. Nor anything else I’ve omitted. I’m in my 60s and this could be the only thing left besides eating sugar. Thank you for mentioning THAT word or I probably would have not read all of the article. Plus the comments are so helpful I’m going to bookmark this page. Thank You Thank You sweet women for being upfront about an obviously universal problem.

  17. I can totally see how coconut oil would be better, seeing as how it has natural anti-fungal properties. It makes a great massage oil too.

  18. Ok…I think I might be a wee bit confused. If this is called a LUBE, then I will assume it goes on him and will difinetely be in you. A couple of comments on here were questioning what would happen if it got inside. Isn’t that where its ultimately supposed to go??

    just wondering..


  19. I use doTERRA essential oils, is there a doTERRA equivalent to YL’s Sensation oil? Looking forward to making this…hot diggity dog!

    1. I am not familiar with the DoTerra line of oils and I can not vouch for their quality. I am very confident in the quality of Young Living oils, therefore those are the only oils I would ever use internally.

  20. do you know if this blend can be used while pregnant and having intercourse (mainly the EO i am referring to) – so excited to find this, thanks!

  21. Silly question, but no body has asked yet. How is this best applied (on the man or woman) and how much should we use?

  22. thanks for all of this – i am researching “sex after menopause.” my doc says it should be a Fun New Era. *:D

  23. Why you are not showing the whole recipe. It only says coconut oils and instruction. What kind of essential oil do I need to put on top of the coconut oil. Please help thanks 🙏

  24. I understand there are different types of coconut oils available. As this will be used on intimate parts of the body is there any specific type or brand of coconut oil that we should be looking at. I understand some feel better on skin than others.. please give recommendations or tell us which type and brand of coconut oil you use.

  25. I’ve been wondering if this coconut oil is slippery like Good clean love lubrication in the green bottle? If the coconut oil is slippery when putting on your hands I would love to try it.

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