4 Alternatives to Medicine for Pain Management

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4 Alternatives to Pain Management

Chronic pain isn’t something we like to talk about. It’s uncomfortable. Not only does it destroy lives, there’s no easy way to treat it. It’s not something you can just slap a Band-Aid on and declare healed. And all this “not talking” isn’t helping the millions of Americans that live with some form of chronic pain. For many chronic pain … Read More

The Mind-Gut Connection: How Your Emotions Affect Your Stomach

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Mind Gut Connection

You’ve heard the sayings all your life:”a knot in your stomach,” “a gut feeling,” “butterflies in your stomach,” or that something was “gut wrenching.” There’s a solid reason why we use these expressions so often — the gastrointestinal tract is incredibly sensitive to emotion. Feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, elation are all known to trigger symptoms in the digestive … Read More

Do I Need Digestive Enzymes?

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digestive enzymes

It is probably no surprise that I am talking about digestive enzymes.  I mean, we love gut health here at Oh Lardy!  If you have hung around here for any period of time, you understand that we believe gut health is a cornerstone to overall wellness.  We love fermenting foods, making bone broth, supplementing with Collagen.  But, do I need … Read More

How to Buy Savvy Minerals Makeup

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Getting Started Interested in getting your makeup and joining my team? Get started here. Click “Other Premium Starter Kits” to see the Savvy Minerals Makeup Kits. Be sure the number 1765483 is in the enroller and sponsor ID fields. Signing up as a member doesn’t mean you have to sell anything. It just means you get wholesale pricing (24% off) and … Read More

Winter Road Trips: Preparing Your Car for Anything

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Winter Road Trips - How to Be Safe On Your Trips

Temperatures have started to drop, and the holidays are upon us — it’s time to get the car ready for winter road trips. Winter driving conditions are inherently dangerous; the right preparation and tools can end up literally saving your life. Here’s what you can do to ensure your car remains roadworthy and safe throughout the frigid winter months: Get … Read More

How to Get the Best Sleep Possible

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How to Get the Best Sleep Possible

A good night’s sleep can do wonders. We feel better, work better, and make smarter decisions when we’re well rested. On the flip side, things can get a bit scary when we’re not getting enough sleep. Poor sleepers are at greater risk for heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. Furthermore, their libido, skin, and problem-solving skills suffer. And driving while sleep … Read More

Do This ONE Thing Better This Week…

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It can be overwhelming to make better choices toward a healthy lifestyle! Where do you start?  Food?  Cleaning products?  Personal care?  Exercise?  Meditation?  Chiropractic?  Essential Oils?   Ack! Many times, we can become FROZEN because we are too scared to act!   Our friend, Ashley Koff, RD of Ashley Koff Approved has a great Better Nutrition program geared to help YOU do … Read More

Fall Nuisances and What to Do About Them

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Fall Nuisances and What to Do About Them

There’s no doubt about it: fall is easily my favorite of the four seasons. There’s something so magical about the smell in the air, the colors of the falling leaves, the coziness of oversized sweaters and fleece-lined leggings. Of course, apple cider and pumpkin-spiced everything is nothing to sniff at either. But alas, fall isn’t perfect. There are a handful … Read More

Three Little Known Benefits of Thai Soups

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Unless you’re from Thailand, you’re probably unaware of the many benefits of Thai soups. In fact, I’m going to guess you can only name, at most, two Thai soups – tom yum (a hot and sour soup) and tom kha gai (a coconut chicken soup with galangal). Am I right? These are the only Thai soups I could name myself … Read More

5 Great Screen Free Ways to Relax

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5 Screen Free Ways to Relax

Though there’s no doubt that technology has changed our lives for the better, too many of us are spending the vast majority of the day staring at one screen or another. Computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions — fixating on these screens has become second nature. This, combined with the normal stressors of life, has led to a nation of overwrought, overstressed … Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Brushing Your Teeth with Charcoal

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5 Reasons to Brush Your Teeth with Charcoal

As someone who’s tried multiple teeth whitening products in the past, I can tell you that getting your pearly whites brighter is no easy feat. I’ve experimented with a variety of whitening strips, but they’ve always left my teeth and gums feeling overly sensitive. Gel trays aren’t much better (they make me gag), and I have yet to meet one … Read More