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How to Get Back on Track with Your Goals

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How to Get Back on Track with Your Goals

I have been writing a lot this year about setting smart goals and goal setting tips and really working to meet them.  As a health coach, I work with people on their own goal setting but still struggle with it myself!

Do you set goals and meet them?  What happens when you get off track?  How to you get back on track with your goals?

I have been doing great so far this year with my goals.  January was oil pulling every day…success!  February was drinking a green drink each day…more success!  March was dry brushing every day…hmmm…not a complete success.  And, not only did I fall of the goal wagon with the dry brushing, the other two goals went by the wayside too!

Why? and What do I do about it?

Here is what changed in March.  TRAVEL.  I was out of town over half of the month.  Any disruption in your usual routine can make meeting your goals more difficult.  It is easier to get off track with anything when you are traveling, staying in hotels, not in your usual environment.

Granted, part of my travels were to Honduras where I was part of a Humanitarian trip.  Green drinks weren't going to be happening but I could have oil pulled and dry brushed.  But, when you are surrounded by utter poverty like there is in Honduras, who really cares about some of these First World detox tips?

At the beginning of April and everything was a mess, except the green drinks.  I have said before I get those delivered from a local pressed juice company so that is an easy goal for me to keep, when I am in town.

I kept saying ‘got to get back on track'…tomorrow.  I even made a mental note at the beginning of the month to dry brush and oil pull before my shower.  Then, I was in the shower and thought ‘Shoot…I forgot!  Tomorrow!'

Tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow!  How many times has that happened to you??  And, guess what…months will go by before tomorrow ever really brings change.

So, what did I do?  I went to go back to my plan.  I am rewriting my 3 goals (and adding my new one for April, 10,000 steps a day!) on my printable SMART goal worksheet.

Get Back on Track with Your Goals

I am going to pretended I was starting over…made my goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  I found, for me, it works to have the spoon and oil on my bathroom counter and the dry brush right by my shower.  I even taped a note to my shower door “Dry brush and Oil pull!!!” so I don't forget!Get Back on Track with Your Goals

There is no shame in getting off track with your goals.  You just need to find a way to get back to them!

Okay, back at it and feeling good about getting back on track with goals!!!

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Get Back on Track with Your Goals

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