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Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens


Are You…

  • Wanting to have farm fresh eggs in your own backyard?
  • Looking to have a fun and easy pet that also provides you food?
  • Wanting to take control of where your food comes from?
  • Tired of poor quality eggs at your local grocery store?
  • Concerned about what you eat and what you eat eats?
  • Concerned about what you eat and what you eat eats?

We are so excited to present our e-book Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens to you! You will answer these questions and more!



Our guide to raising backyard chickens will help get you started.  Oh Lardy's Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens covers everything from caring for chicks, to building a coop, eggs, feeding and caring for your hens. This book has everything you need to get started with building your own backyard flock.

In this PDF e-book, you will learn…

  • The benefits of keeping backyard chickens at your own home. 
  • How to get your backyard flock started with chicks and grow from there. 
  • How to feed and care for your chickens easily and with confidence. 
  • How to plan your brooder and your chicken coop to ensure a happy living space for your chickens. 
  • How to take care of chickens in a variety of climates, hot, cold, rainy, dry…you can have chickens pretty much anywhere!
  • and more!

Oh Lardy's Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens - www.ohlardy.comWhat’s included:

This is a digital e-book, not a print book.

This e-book can be downloaded and read on your iPad, Kindle, smartphone, computer…almost any device!

You can read this e-book anytime, anywhere.

What readers are saying:

“Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens is an excellent resource for anyone who has been interested getting some of their own chickens. This book is concise, clear, and informative and speaks in a light-hearted voice. I would most definitely recommend this book prior to getting your chicks or chickens. It’s helpful in planning out your brooder, your coop, and what to expect from chicks to chickens! Don’t wait any longer to begin  a very entertaining adventure raising backyard chickens and getting fresh eggs daily! ” – Jackie Ritz, The Paleo Mama

“You won’t have any uncertainty about raising chickens after reading Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens! More people everyday are looking to get back to their roots and experience traditional living. The gorgeous pictures and easy-to-understand explanations of chicken care will turn any beginner into a seasoned expert! Raising & keeping backyard chickens will be a joy after you’ve read Oh Lardy’s fabulous tips!” – Danelle Wolford,Weed ‘em and Reap

“With the number of backyard chicken keepers growing faster than ever, this book couldn’t be more timely. Not only does it contain all the info that a prospective chicken owner will need to keep a safe and healthy flock, but the design and layout make it an absolute pleasure to read. A must-have for all chicken lovers!” – Jill Winger, The Prairie Homestead

“I really enjoyed this down-to-earth viewpoint on how surprisingly easy it is to raise backyard chickens. It’s an easy read, just like sitting down for coffee with a friend who doesn’t mind talking about chicken poop. I’ve had backyard chickens for almost 2 years and learned some great new information, including how to ferment chicken feed for nutrition during molting and what kinds of veggies NOT to feed my hens. Highly recommend this beautifully arranged and well-illustrated book for anyone at any level of raising a backyard flock!” – Jenny Bradford, Conscientious Confusion

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