Flash Giveaway: Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

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Pressure Cooker Giveaway - www.ohlardy.com

Hi friends!  Kelly and I have decided to have a quick 2 Day giveaway just for you!   You know how we love making bone broth for all of its benefits.  Usually we use a crockpot or large soup pot for broth making.  You can also make broth in a pressure cooker.   I recently got a pressure cooker and am excited … Read More

Back to School iPad Air Giveaway

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YES!!  We LOVE giveaway time!  And this month we are teaming with some other awesome bloggers to give away an iPad Air!! Doing giveaways is our favorite way to say Thank You for being such an awesome Oh Lardy fan.  And since you are both awesome AND an Oh Lardy fan, this giveaway is for YOU!  Its okay, you can … Read More

3 Benefits of Gelatin in Your Diet

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3 Reasons to Add Gelatin To Your Diet

Gelatin truly is a superfood.  And you can add it to your diet in so many ways: bone broth, gelatin added to coffee, homemade gummy candies, jello and more!  In addition to being good for your hair and skin, there are 3 additional benefits of gelatin that you should think about! 1.  Can help with bone healing. Gelatin can help soothe inflammation … Read More

Fennel, Kohlrabi and Green Apple Relish from The Nourished Kitchen

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Fennel, Kohlrabi and Green Apple Relish from Nourished Kitchen - Oh Lardy!

 It’s a virtual dinner party! If you’re just joining us, we are the 8th blog to participate in sharing delicious courses as we eat, drink, and celebrate our way through the new cookbook that’s due to hit bookshelves everywhere next Monday – The Nourished Kitchen. (See the other courses and hosts.) We hope you enjoy this delicious recipe that Jenny, from … Read More

February Giveaway! $1000 Amazon Gift Card!

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$1000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway - www.ohlardy.com

Kelly and I really love doing giveaways!  It is our way of giving back to you, our awesome readers.  We wouldn’t be blogging and sharing this information if it weren’t for you! This month, we decided, again, to giveaway a HUGE prize!  We joined together with some other awesome bloggers to offer up a $1000 Amazon gift card as a prize. … Read More

Nick’s Sticks are Awesome!

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20% off Nick's Sticks - www.ohlardy.com

My Favorite Snacks??? When you are, like my family, focused on eating clean, real food, it is important to be sure you have quality snacks on hand.  One thing that is hard to find is quality beef jerky. My family is very busy and on the go quite a lot and one of our favorite snacks to grab and go … Read More

DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

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DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

I have been wanting to do a review of this book for quite some time.  DIY Organic Beauty Recipes is the most comprehensive book that I have found on the subject to date. I have been getting in to making my own personal products recently and this book came out at the perfect time!  The book itself is user friendly … Read More

Giveaway: Planning Children’s Birthday Parties Book

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Planning Children's Birthday Parties

What happens after you decide to have a birthday party?  Planning in advance is essential for surviving! Libby and Penny detail the necessary information you need for a successful and engaging birthday party.  This book is a great resource that offers realistic, in-depth explanations and strategies beginning with pre-planning, continuing through the party day and beyond.

Green Chili Pork

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green chili pork - ohlardy.com

I LOVE Mexican food.  Fortunately, for me, I live in Arizona!  I have access to some of the best Mexican food around.  Guacamole, red chili, green chili, refried beans, you name it – I like it.  Unless it is SUPER spicy, I will eat it and love it.