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Traveling with Essential Oils

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Traveling with Essential Oils - ohlardy.com

My family are getting ready to go on an epic family vacation!  All of us are headed to the Mediterranean to go on a cruise.  I have never been to Europe and I am beyond excited.  As soon as the trip was booked, I knew that I would be taking some Essential Oils with me.  But which ones?  Traveling with essential oils means I have to pick!  How do I choose?

How do I narrow it down?  I decided that I would look at each of my oils and see if it had any purpose that might come in handy while we are away.  Here is the list of oils that I have decided to travel with and the reasons why!

Homemade Blends

Immune Support Recipe

I am taking this for obvious reasons.  Our immune systems are going to be working hard fending off all of the stuff we are exposed to while we fly and on the ship.  This blend will come in very handy as we will use it while we are on the plane and occasionally on the ship.  I am sure our healthy immune systems will appreciate the support!


Sleepy Time Roll on and blend

I read about this in Tamara's post about how to beat jet lag.  I will put this on our feet to support sleep while we are on the plane.  And yes, of course I am bringing a diffuser!!  Diffusing lavender to relax us after our crazy days touring will be great!

Other Blends

Deep Relief

You never know what kinds of discomfort may arise.  I will have this one in my oily arsenal for sure.  

Breathe Again

Hopefully none of us will need this.  But this is my answer to supporting the respiratory system and sinus health.  

Thieves Spray

I will use this to wipe down any surfaces that we come into contact with while traveling.  It will be great to use on the plane.


Even though Thieves is in the spray as well as the Immune Support Recipe, I would like to have the blend as well to diffuse if I need to.  It will make our room smell amazing!  

Valor and Stress Away

I have some nervous nellies and traveling can make them extra sensitive.  I am hoping that Valor can help them with that.  And I am taking Stress Away because I am traveling with 3 children as well as my parents.  I am sure there will be some point on this trip when several of us may need to take a chill pill.  


I plan on diffusing this in hotel rooms and in our room on the cruise ship.  You never know what kinds of smells we may encounter!


Any time we travel away from home I feel my healthy digestive system needs support.  I am bringing Digize along to support our healthy digestive systems!


This oily blend is coming along as a just in case!    

Owie and Bite Buster

These are blends from the KidScents collection.  Since I am traveling with my children, I am certain that at some point someone will have an owie.  Bite Buster will be handy to have to soothe any insect bites.  

Single Oils


Lots of cruise forums recommend bringing along Ginger to help with any sea sickness.  I am lucky to have this oil in my toolbox, so it is coming along!


I love lavender and hate to be without it.  I am certain that I will find a use for this oil!  Even if it is just in our diffuser at night.


I am finding new uses for Peppermint every day.  This can also can come in handy when we wish to support our healthy digestive systems!


I love having lemon in my water, so this is coming along.  

Carrier Oil

I am bringing along some carrier oil in a small bottle in the event I need to make a dilution!

It is a long list, I know.  I am hopeful I don't really need a few of these.  But I definitely want to have them on hand in the event that I do.  

Which oils do you like to travel with and why?  Please share!


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Traveling with Essential Oils - ohlardy.com


  1. great list! So do you take all of them in a carry on? Do you have them hand check them or not worry about the X-rays?

  2. Your list is so awesome. I dont know we have many oil like that. I am very surprised. I love lavender and lemond blends . Now I can think about other blends . Thanks

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