7 Benefits of Fermented Foods

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The Many Benefits of Fermented Foods

Do you eat fermented foods?  You should! Fermentation is a traditional form of preservation dating back thousands of years.  Essentially, the bacteria naturally present on food begins breaking down sugars and starches in food.  This produces lactic acid which halts the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria, so the food is preserved not rotted. Not only is the food preserved but it … Read More

Fermented Eggs

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Yes,  fermented eggs.  You may think, is that even possible?  Yes!!!  It IS possible and they are fantastic.  I have had pickled eggs before which are delicious.  I had an abundance of chicken eggs last week and thought I would go ahead and pickle them.  But then I thought, why not ferment them??  We love eggs and we love fermented … Read More

How to Ferment Vegetables – Quick Start Guide

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How to Ferment Fruits and Vegetables at Home - www.ohlardy.com

Fermenting fruits and vegetables at home can be a daunting task.  I know when I first started, I was afraid I was doing it all wrong.  But, fermenting doesn’t have to be frustrating!  There is a simple technique that can be used to ferment almost everything! Do you ever wonder how to ferment vegetables?  Well, wonder no more! You know we … Read More

Fermented Grapefruit Juice

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Fermented Grapefruit Juice

At Oh Lardy we love our fermented foods.  In my house, we go through fermented beverages very quickly!  Our fermented orange juice and fermented apple juice are always a hit. I was getting a little tired of the sweetness of orange and wanted something different.  A friend suggested I ferment grapefruit juice…so I did.  And let me tell you, the … Read More

Fennel, Kohlrabi and Green Apple Relish from The Nourished Kitchen

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Fennel, Kohlrabi and Green Apple Relish from Nourished Kitchen - Oh Lardy!

 It’s a virtual dinner party! If you’re just joining us, we are the 8th blog to participate in sharing delicious courses as we eat, drink, and celebrate our way through the new cookbook that’s due to hit bookshelves everywhere next Monday – The Nourished Kitchen. (See the other courses and hosts.) We hope you enjoy this delicious recipe that Jenny, from … Read More

Fermented Apple Juice

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Fermented Apple Juice - www.ohlardy.com

You know that Oh Lardy LOVES fermented foods!  We try to eat them daily to add probiotics to our diet and maintain a healthy gut. It is especially fun to branch out and experiment with drinks.  We can’t get enough of kombucha, fermented orange juice, beet kvass, lemonade. I was looking for something different, something seasonal to ferment and while … Read More

Lacto-fermented Berries Recipe

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Fermented Berries - www.ohlardy.com

Adding fermented foods to your diet has many benefits.  Fermented foods have increased vitamins and enzymes, are easier to digest, increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut and can help your immune system.  What a great way to keep healthy this winter!!! Culturing your own fruits and vegetables at home is a very cost effective way of getting … Read More

Fermented Garden Salsa

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I love coming up with new fermented side dishes, especially when they are made with cabbage. I have been eating fermented foods for so long now that I find my body starts to crave fermented cabbage after awhile!  My body cries out for the benefits of fermented foods. Who would have thought?! I was inspired to make this recipe after … Read More

Fermented Mushrooms

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So, I am not necessarily bored with the ferments that I have in my fridge.  But, I did realize that I always ferment the SAME THINGS.  Again and again.  Simply because we have our favorites.  When I was at the store the other day, this beautiful carton of mushrooms caught my eye.  They even spoke to me.  “Ferment us!”  I … Read More

Fermented Beets

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It is no mystery that Oh Lardy loves fermented foods.  In fact, I have shared many times that my kids really enjoy the dilly carrots.  They seem to disappear from the jar faster than I put them in there! Either, I just really love beets or I needed to ferment something new.  Whatever it was resulted in fermented beets.  It’s … Read More

Fermented Dilly Kohlrabi Pickles

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Fermented Dilly Kohlrabi Pickles - www.ohlardy.com

I got so much kohlrabi this summer, I was over loaded!  I didn’t know what to do with it all! And, if you know Oh Lardy, you know we ferment anything!  So why not make fermented kolrabi!!! We got quite a bit in our CSA boxes.  I also ended up with extra after teaching a fermenting class and overestimating how … Read More