Is Your Grass Fed Meat Really Grass Fed?

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Is your grass fed meat really grass fed?

  I get so so excited when I see more and more organic, non-gmo, grass fed and other ‘real food’ items in all types of grocery stores!  I love that what was once ‘weird’ and ‘alternative’ is becoming more mainstream, particularly when it comes to meat.   But I do keep wondering…is that grass fed meat really grass fed? I was recently talking … Read More

Butter is Back: Processed Foods are Identified as Real Culprits in Heart Disease

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butter is better

By Dr. Mercola Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, and for the past 60 years, saturated fat and cholesterol have been wrongfully vilified as the culprits. Fortunately, the truth is finally starting to see the light of day.Last December, the New York Times1 featured Dr. Fred Kummerow’s research on fats, and a recent article in Time … Read More

Are We Making Nutrition Too Complicated?

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Have We Made Nutrition Too Complicated? -

Have you noticed that deciding what to eat has gotten really complicated?  Are you confused?  Should you go gluten free? high fat? low carb? Paleo?  Everywhere I look, people are getting conflicting advice about food and it is driving me crazy!  Is it driving you crazy?  Are we making nutrition too complicated? Why should it be so hard to figure … Read More

Organic, Antibiotic-free Meat: Why is it Better?

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By Leslie Vandever If you like meat, you’ll probably agree that there’s hardly anything tastier than a thick, savory hamburger fresh off the grill with all the fixings. But what if that hamburger is instrumental in making you sick? Like most of the other meats available for sale in your local grocery stores, hamburger and other cuts of beef are … Read More

A Safe Alternative to Toxic Fabric Softeners

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     Friends, the topic of fabric softeners drives me absolutely batty.   VERY smart people have been brainwashed by the fluffy snuggly bears of the fabric softener world (thanks to advertisers) into thinking that they NEED this stuff in their laundry because without it, the laundry would be dull, lifeless, static-y and smelly. These VERY smart people need to read … Read More

Four Foods Rich in Essential Magnesium

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By: Michael Ravensthorpe Magnesium is a vital macromineral that is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It regulates enzyme reactions, aids the production of ATP, helps the body transport ions across the cell membranes and much more. Indeed, all of the body’s organs require magnesium to function properly. Unfortunately, magnesium deficiencies are pandemic worldwide. In the … Read More

12 Reasons to Avoid Any Kind of Soy

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Why You Should Avoid Soy -

  By Natasha Longo Soy has become a major source of toxicity for human beings, especially in the last three decades. Not only is more than 99% of soy genetically modified, but sources labeled organic or non-GMO are often exposed to the same problems as conventional soy. If you consume processed foods, soy is almost impossible to avoid. With the … Read More

Are Natural Flavors Really Natural?

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Are Natural Flavors Really Natural? -

By: Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease Waking Times The flavor industry is worth billions. Flavor engineers are paid big bucks to make sure you never know the difference between “natural flavors” and the real thing. Chemists working for half a dozen companies make approximately 80 percent of all the natural and artificial flavors in the world to please consumers with convincing tastes … Read More

This “Scary Drink” May Resolve Your Troubling Health Issues

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Raw Milk KILLS or HEALS? -

  Download Interview Transcript Visit the Mercola Video Library By Dr. Mercola The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have long claimed that between 1998 and 2008, there were two deaths from raw milk. This number is often used in media reporting about raw milk. But those illnesses actually appear to have come from a form of cheese that isn’t legal … Read More