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Seasonal Sniffles Essential Oil Roll On Recipe

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Essential Oils for Seasonal Sniffles

Do you or someone you love suffer from seasonal sniffles?  The itchy eyes?  Drippy nose?  Sneezing and wheezing? 

I do a bit when spring hits.  The roof of my mouth gets really itchy, which is really annoying.  My daughter can get it bad, depending on the severity of the pollen that season.  

I love being able to rely on Young Living Essential Oils for relief!  As you know we use essential oils for sleep support, immune boosting, helping us to move past emotions, pain relief and so much more!  Well, adding essential oils to your seasonal sniffle arsenal is just one more bonus of these amazing little oils!!

The go to for seasonal sniffle relief is a trio of oils:  Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint…otherwise known as LLP.  

How to Use LLP

  1. Diffuse: add a few drops of each oil to your diffuser
  2. Ingest: add several drops of each to an empty capsule and top with a carrier oil.  Take several times a day as needed.  OR add several drops of each to honey, NingXia Red, Mindwise or yogurt.
  3. Topical:  Make a roll-on and use liberally (see recipe below). Apply to bottoms of your last 3 toes (VitaFlex points for sinuses) and back of neck.

LLP Roll-on Recipe

Seasonal Sniffle Roll On



  • Add EOs to bottle.
  • Top with a carrier oil of your choice.
  • Add roll on fitment.
  • Roll on Vita Flex points for sinuses (bottoms of last 3 toes) and back of neck.


Need a stronger roll on? Feel free to add a few drops of Cypress (great for respiratory support) and Copaiba (great at fighting inflammation and boosting the effects of the other oils).

Not sure how to make a roll on? Tamara explains here:

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