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Kelly’s Favorite uses for Essential Oils

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Kelly's Favorite uses for Essential oils - ohlardy.com

If you are a seasoned Essential Oil veteran or an EO newbie, we all wonder how other people use their essential oils.  Is there something we don't know that could help us?

I am going to tell you today my favorite and most common ways I use my essential oils.  Most of the oils that I use every day are in the Premium Starter Kit.  The others I have collected over the months using my essential rewards order.  


This is my go to oil for my kids' diffusers at night.  Lavender is pretty much ALWAYS in their diffusers.   I also make lavender bath salts and put them in my daughter's bath nightly.  Need to smudge a room?  Check out this energy clearing room spray!


Peppermint is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion.  Some peppermint diluted in coconut oil for my kid's bellies stops the complaining.  


I love to diffuse Lemon with Joy because it puts everyone in a happy mood!  I also diffuse Lemon with Purification for an amazing fresh scent!  Lemon essential oil has also removed permanent sharpie marker from my son's face and it gets sticky stuff off of stuff.  Including gum out of hair.


Frankincense is great for the skin, so I put it in my oil cleansing solution as well as my homemade deodorant.  


Valor is supposed to be great for encouraging feelings of confidence.  My oldest son tends to get anxious from time to time.  Every morning before he heads off to school I put Valor on his wrists. 


I love this oil because it gets rid of bad smells.  It doesn't merely cover them it – Purification actually gets rid of them!  I put it on a cotton ball and keep it in my car in the air vents.  I have a reed diffuser with Purification in it sitting in my laundry room where the cat box resides.  I also put it in my washing machine along with laundry detergent to make my clothes smell lovely.


I mentioned above that I diffuse Joy with Lemon to boost the mood!  Joy bath salts are also nice to add to a bath from time to time.  

Peace and Calming

This oil has helped my oldest son so much at night!  He used to lay awake for so long, unable to turn his brain off.  This rubbed on his feet combined with the diffusing lavender have helped him tremendously.


I love Thieves oil.  I use this to make my own foaming hand soap and a hand cleaning spray/throat spray.  I diffuse it all day long in the fall when the kids are back in school for a lovely fall scent.  It is also an ingredient in my oily immune boosting recipe.


I add this oil to my oily immune boosting recipe because, well, it is awesome at boosting the immune system.  If I am feeling like I need some immune support, I add oregano to my arsenal!

Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang

Diffusing this combination is amazing.  It is fresh, light, and lovely.  Tamara is the one who told me about this combination and I can't stop using it.  Whenever I want a nice, pleasant aroma in the house, this is what I diffuse.  


This is our go to oil for all digestive support.  The kids have realized the amazing powers of DiGize and ask for it whenever they need it.  To be honest, I always ask them if they have gone poop (because that usually solves the tummy issue).  But if pooping isn't the answer, Digize is.  


What are your favorite oils?  Please share with us how you use them in the comments!

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 Kelly's Favorite uses for Essential oils - ohlardy.com


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