Kids Kitchen: How to Make Whipped Cream

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How to Make Whipped Cream -

I love whipped cream!  Whipped cream on pie, ice cream, hot chocolate, even just for dipping berries!  But I will not eat the whipped cream that comes in that gross aerosol can or that fake ‘whipped topping’.  And guess what, it is easy to learn how to make whipped cream at home using nourishing ingredients! Many of the ones in the … Read More

Try This Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe!

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Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe -

Is there anything we don’t ferment here at Oh Lardy?  Seriously!  Salsa, chutneys, orange juice, carrots, mayo?   Well I had a huge batch of hot peppers, mostly cayenne and most jalapenos.  I normally just like to ferment them in slices but I came across a tutorial for fermented hot sauce from our friend Jenny at Nourished Kitchen.  Peppers are a … Read More

Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe

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gluten free pie crust -

This Thanksgiving I brought a pecan pie to our Thanksgiving feast.  However, this year, it came in a gluten free pie crust.  I have been gluten free for the past two months and I knew that if I wanted to have a yummy pie at Thanksgiving, I would have to make sure I could eat it.   I LOVE my … Read More

Why You Should Supplement with Collagen – 10 Amazing Health Benefits

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Why You Should Supplement with Collagen -

Supplement with Collagen At Oh Lardy, you know we love our bone broth!  It is full of healing collagen, gelatin, minerals and has so many benefits for the body.  We love to drink it like a tea, add it to sauces and stir fries, make soups, even use it in pancake mixes (yes, I have done that!!).   Because of … Read More

Cast Iron Steak and Mushroom Recipe

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Cast Iron Steak and Mushroom Recipe -

Guest post by Shaye Elliott from The Elliott Homestead   Hello fellow food enthusiasts! So glad to meet you… even if it is digitally. I’m always humbled by the community that exists around a common love for good food. Which is obviously why you’re reading Oh Lardy’s blog in the first place! It’s a beautiful place to hang out and … Read More

Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

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Nourishing Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Once fall starts approaching, the weather starts cooling and leaves start falling, my family begins to crave soups. Nourishing, warm soups made with fresh ingredients and plenty of bone broth. My daughter’s ultimate favorite soup is butternut squash. She could eat this almost every day. I always make a different recipe as I haven’t found one I really love…until now. … Read More

What is Kombucha and Why Are People Drinking It?

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What is kombucha and why would people drink this?

Do you keep hearing about kombucha tea and wondering what the heck it is?  Are you already drinking kombucha and want to learn how to make it at home?   We are beginning to see kombucha tea sold in more and more stores.  It is a deliciously effervescent, slightly sour beverage that can be flavored with a variety of fruits … Read More

Ginger Bug – Fermented Ginger Bug Soda Recipe

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Fermented Ginger Bug Soda Recipe -

I love making fermented vegetables and fruits.  I like to have a variety in my fridge to choose from.  Foods like sauerkraut, dilly carrots, fermented berries and more! We also like to have fermented beverages on hand as well.  And, I am not talking about beer and wine (well, we like those too!).  I am talking about beverages like kombucha … Read More

Homemade Yogurt Recipe!

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Homemade Yogurt -

Homemade Yogurt  I think it is fair to say that yogurt is a staple in many homes.  I grew up eating it and now I make it for my family.  People eat yogurt is not only because it’s delicious, but because it offers the benefit of probiotics.  Yogurt contains live cultures (or, ‘probiotics’) that populate the human gut (or intestinal … Read More

Baked Feta Cheese Recipe

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Baked Feta Cheese Recipe - Oh Lardy #Feta #Cheese #Recipes

Traveling throughout Greece was wonderful on many levels.  But a highlight was the food.  Everything was so fresh, simply prepared, delicious.  Like a simple Greek Salad, this baked feta cheese recipe is sure to delight! I will be honest that feta is not my favorite cheese.  I will eat it but never would choose it on its own.  But, one … Read More